15 July 2012

Garden growth

This eggplant/aubergine was still a flower when I left for my trip to the UK two weeks ago:

The consistently hot and very dry weather here has brought some things on marvellously, although other plants are badly in need of a good soak of rain. We gathered zucchini/courgettes from the pumpkin patch in the hayfield last night and today I pulled the first of the onions:

I also harvested the garlic (now drying out in the greenhouse) and dug up a few of the potatoes:

And, a true sign of summer, the first tomatoes have ripened:

Ratatouille for lunch, I think.

After almost no rain in July it was a relief to see the day cloud over and a sprinkling of rain appear just now: looks like I managed to import some of the UK's weather. More, please!


kitsapFG said...

I love it when the tomatoes finally start coming on. I only have some ones and twosies of the early small varietices, but they are much appreciated.

Mary Hysong said...

Lovely looking harvest. Afraid my onions have done very little. Will try again next year!

Cristy said...

Beautiful harvest. I love eggplants.
I am sorry about the drought. I am glad you got a little much needed rain, and got a trip to the UK to boot.

Daphne Gould said...

Those red onions look wonderful. I'm worried that mine just won't size up well this year. At least the yellow ones have.

Stoney Acres said...

Your harvest is looking great!! Your tomatoes look great. I'm glad you brought back the rain from the UK we needed it here as well!!