11 August 2012

Brassica massacre II

Yes! My first ever sequel post! And it's about brassicas! I can see you now, hunched forward on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

The July Dry left the cabbages, sprouts and swedes looking... well, looking pretty much like this, if the truth must be strictly adhered to.

The bed is in an elevated part of the garden and even with regular watering there seemed to be no way of saving these plants from the baking heat and unrelenting rainlessness of July. Consequently, I left it alone, leaving the weeds to have their way and giving it an occasional sad sideways glance as I walked past. If I had needed the space I would have got Mike to plough it over, but I didn't, so I just left it to get overgrown.

Last night I noticed that the sprout plants were somehow looking fairly good, in amongst the weeds and I decided perhaps I'd better weed at least that part of the bed.

Then I noticed new growth coming on some of the broccoli, swede and cabbage plants, too:

So perhaps this bed will not be a complete write-off, after all, this summer. Of course the downside of these discoveries is that I've had to spend the last hour getting rid of all those weeds...

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