03 August 2012

Indoor corn

I nearly didn't grow corn this year as I seem to have spent the last few years growing it exclusively for the consumption of the neighbourhood raccoons. Then in early June I read somewhere about a person eating early corn that had been grown in a hoop house and it occurred to me that this might be a solution to my raccoon problem.

With the dry spell in July, the corn in the fields around here is looking stunted - by now it is usually towering above my head. But my greenhouse-sown and regularly-watered corn is looking stately:

Silks are forming on some of the plants now. I love the wanton way they unfurl and cascade down the stem of the plant: like Rapunzel letting down her hair.

There will be less wind in there than there would be outside, which means I might need to give the plants a bit of extra help with pollination. And of course it remains to be seen whether the greenhouse will offer the corn enough protection to prevent the raccoons from having their annual corn-feast. They are devious little beasts, after all. But I'm hopeful...

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Linda said...

Great idea to grow the corn in the greenhouse away from those pesky racoons. You should be eating some fresh corn soon. We were driving around Wellington today, walked along the beach which is one of my favourite places to visit.