02 August 2012

Second chance

The dim robins who built the ill-fated nest on the barnyard fence in May had another attempt at rearing a brood in July when they constructed a new nest on a joist inside the barn itself. This nest I needed a ladder to see into, so I was more hopeful that its contents might survive. On 22 July their one chick looked like this:

More beak than anything else...

It has been growing fast and today the chick left its nest and is now exploring the (rather cobwebby) delights of the barn. I've kept the cat indoors while the new robin gets used to its wings.


Linda said...

That's a little cutie.

Lisa from Iroquois said...

I had wondered what became of that nest, especially after our cats left us a dead weasel on the stoop. I'm glad this baby had a better chance. It was so small, and yet by all accounts they so deadly.