18 July 2007

Good news and bad news

Fallen robins' nestThe bad news this morning was that the robins' nest had fallen off the light and there was no sign of the baby robins. Child #1 was a bit sad (so was I), but it did give her a chance to get a close up look at a (partially de-constructed) birdsnest (complete with mites, yuk).

Rocket seedlingThe good news was that the rocket seeds I planted on Monday morning in the flower bed in the front garden had germinated this morning. It seems to be hard to buy anything apart from Romaine lettuce here, so getting a range of leaves in the ground seems like a good plan.

I bought a load of bird seed designed to be revolting to squirrels (they're coated with chilli powder). Our squirrels seem to be completely unaware that they're not supposed to like chilli...
black squirrel eating bird seed

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Jane said...

You can now buy a bird feeder with a spinning top so that when squirrels land on in the top spins round and they come flying off! I haven't had the heart to buy one but I'm sorely tempted as they eat most of the stuff i put out.