24 July 2007

Grass again

hay balesWalked up to the hayfield this afternoon to see how the guys had done. They were baling the hay on Sunday and we counted 38 bales standing in the field today. Barnyard OneIn the barnyard, Mike has almost finished clearing the long grass from the largest of the three enclosures (Barnyard One), which we estimate to be around a third of an acre. Which is about the size of four standard UK allotments, if I've got my measurements right (gulp). Next step will be to decide how we're going to divide up the space and bring it into cultivation.

In between looking after the puppy, making meals and washing up I spent much of the weekend taking it in turns with Mike to read the last Harry Potter book. The kids weren't particularly interested, although I have read all the earlier books to them. Think this one might be one that they have to read for themselves when they're a bit older. I knew I'd have to finish it on Sunday or I'd be unable to do anything approaching work until I had.

Got a dog licence for Toby yesterday. For our $20 we got the licence itself, which lasts until the end of March, and a metal dog tag (yes, literally) with the number of the beast on it - 660 in this case. We also registered him with a vet in Trenton. We haven't managed to register the humans with a doctor yet though.

I had a bit of crisis of confidence about this blog the other day. I remembered those horrible round-robin Christmas newsletters that some people send out - the ones that tell you how wonderfully people you've often never heard of are doing in whatever they turn their hands to - and I wondered if by writing this blog I was doing the same sort of thing. I resolved my crisis by deciding that mostly I'm writing this blog for myself and those people I think might be interested - I'm not actually forcing anyone to read it if they don't want to. But that's the same for all blogs and bloggers, I suppose. I've just noticed that the spell-checker built into Blogger doesn't recognise the words blog, Blogger or bloggers. How strange.


Paddy said...

When I read your blog, I like to listen to Rheostatics or Great Lake Swimmers.

Vicky Price said...

Now I've found your blog, I will follow your Canadian adventures with interest. Blogging may feel narcissistic, but it isn't really, not when there a particular purpose to the blog.

LadyLuz said...

Hi Amanda, I'm up to July last year and find it all fascinating: I stumbled across you via Becky's Serenity Garden.

No, no, not at all like a Mary Poppins Christmas round-robin - it's a great journal of your life-changing move. I love it. Right, now I'll continue bringing myself up to date...nothing will get done until I do!