20 July 2007

The Promised Puppy

One of the deals we made with the children about emigrating was that we would be able to get a dog in Canada. Or was that one of the deals I made with Mike? Anyway, he spotted an advert from a dog rescue centre this morning for eight-week-old German shepherd/labrador puppies. They just happen to be two of his favourite breeds of dog, and I was keen to get a rescue dog and not particularly enthusiastic about getting a pure-bred one.

We drove up to the rescue centre, which was north of Madoc, about an hour and a half away. There was another couple there who had already chosen one of the eight puppies. Alsatiadors? Labrasheps? They were all mostly black, with small amounts of tan. It seemed as though it was going to be impossible to choose, but then Mike picked up one with white paws and a white chin, who snuggled into his arms in a really placid way (and who seemed less inclined to chew everyone's fingers than his siblings). So we chose him.

On the way home he sat in the cardboard box we'd brought with us really quietly. Occasionally he whimpered a bit, but would quieten down if I stroked him. We discussed what we were going to call him. I suggested Tetley, as it was a Tetley tea box, but we all ended up agreeing on Toby instead. And here he is:

Toby, 20 July 2007

We've made up a little bed in a box in the mud room for the time being and he's flat out asleep in there at the moment. I think it's going to be an interesting few weeks.

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Paddy said...

Nice doggy!