28 July 2007


Gray Tree FrogThis little chap is a Gray Tree Frog. It was snoozing on our back door this afternoon. We've noticed loads of frogs: around the pond, where you'd expect to see them, but also in the fields and around the house. Most of them are Northern Leopard Frogs. Apparently in this area we can apply for a Commercial Frog Licence to harvest the northern leopard frogs and sell them as bait to fishermen.

But I don't think I'll be doing that.

Oh, and remember the bat problem that we originally thought was a squirrel problem? Turns out it is a bat and squirrel problem - Mike saw a squirrel going into the roof space yesterday. So the wildlife removal expert who was sure that squirrels and bats would never share the space turns out to be slightly less expert than I thought.

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Paddy said...

A few years ago I had a look for my own name in Yahoo. There was just one other person with the same name, who was living in New Zealand, of the female persuasion - and she was a frog farmer!