13 September 2007

Blues and reds

Lake ConseconI was feeling a bit low this morning after (1) another early start with Toby and (2) a splitting headache, had sent me back to bed for a while. Worked for a few hours then decided to take the dog out for a walk as it was a lovely day and I needed to walk off the chill that had taken hold of me. Now he's had all his vaccinations we can walk around the isosceles triangle of roads that forms our little community. This picture was taken as we came along the stretch which borders the lake. It's impossible to feel low for long with a view like this to cheer you up. I love the coruscation of sunlight on water almost as much as I love the word coruscation (thanks to Emma, for introducing me to it (20 years ago now, eek)).

We were barked at by Lacey, our neighbour Janice's dog, as we got to the top of the triangle and Janice came out for a chat and to meet Toby. Dogs are really excellent at getting conversations going. I asked her whether I could have some manure from her cows for the vegetable plots and she said she'd ask her sons about it. I don't think it's in short supply at their dairy farm! Two of our other neighbours, Tony and Marilyn, gave us this load of lovely tomatoes this morning, so I plan to have a gently domesticated afternoon making tomato sauce and restoring my inner equilibrium.

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