11 September 2007

Daisy, Daisy...

Panicled AsterThis is another lovely aster that is growing in some numbers up by the pond - a Panicled Aster. Its status is "very common", but it's jolly pretty in spite of that. Panicled doesn't mean 'a little bit frightened', but "a loosely branched flower cluster that is usually shaped like a pyramid" (according to Dave's Garden).

Toby, 11 Sep 2007I almost had to drag the dog up to the pond tonight for his walk, as Mike was out getting his chainsaw chains sharpened (as you do) and Toby really isn't happy going for a walk with only one of us. He keeps looking back for the other one and is only really content when the whole family are out together. When I was finally happy with my aster photos and turned round to go home he ran off with huge relief and kept looking back as if to say "What's keeping you?"

We finished creating the vegetable plots on Friday and sowed the last of the buckwheat in the eighth one, expecting rain on Saturday. It didn't actually arrive until Sunday, but then we got five hours of good old Manchester drizzle, which will have watered all the seeds in beautifully. Saturday was very hot and Mike spent two hours splitting old ash logs in the big barn. At the moment this is a very physically demanding task, involving an axe, a 10lb lump hammer and two five-pound splitting wedges. It took him two hours to split eight logs into quarters. My job was to schlep them to the wood storage area in the small barn, which was easy-peasy in comparison, but still hot and tiring work and I was very grateful for the downhill slope from one barn to the other.

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