06 September 2007

Working conditions

Phone at Deseronto archivesThis is the phone at Deseronto archives. I had to lift it up to see if it actually works. It does. Well, there was a dialling tone, anyway. I had a good first day there: there's a school reunion at the end of the month to celebrate Deseronto Public School's 50th anniversary, so I was helping the town's Recreation Programme Co-ordinator to find school-related material, while trying to establish what else there was in the archive room. There is a PC, and Ruth, one of the library staff, helped me find out what the password for it was. It has an internet connection, too, which I'm sure will come in handy. The library is quite a thriving little focal point for the town and it also houses a job information centre. I haven't yet ventured into my other accommodation, at the Town Hall, but they're getting me a key cut so I might go in there next week and maybe even brave the dreaded basement vault (or at least try to figure out what might be down there).

Toby under my feetWorking from home has its own challenges - the dog has decided that my feet are its favourite comforter so I'm often sitting at odd angles trying to reach the laptop while he has his naps.

After a week where the dog was waking up and howling every two hours in the night we seem to have cracked the problem with another handy tip from my aunt (don't know what we'd do without you Laine!). We've been leaving a radio on at low volume in his room and that seems to do the trick. The only talk-radio station I could find was a French-language one, but, as Wikipedia says,
all Alsatians today speak French
so obviously that suits him just fine!

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