03 September 2007

A walk in the park

Fungi at Presqu'ile ParkWe visited Presqu'ile Provincial Park yesterday. It's about 40km away and, as the name suggests, is surrounded by Lake Ontario on nearly all sides. They were having a big Monarch Butterfly weekend as it's a staging post for the butterflies on their way south. We had a lovely walk on one of the woodland trails. It was only four kilometers, but that was just about right for the kids and the puppy. We didn't see many butterflies but there were plenty of squirrels, chipmunks and interesting mushrooms.

Today it's Labour Day, a public holiday here and the last day of the school summer holidays. I thought that there might not be such a big 'Back to School' push here, as the children don't wear school uniforms, but if anything it's even worse than in the UK. It's mostly focused on school supplies, but I even saw an advert for 'Back to School mattresses and furniture' yesterday (!).

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