10 April 2008

England, and St. George

House decorated with cross of St. GeorgeI'm planning a (slightly early) St. George's Day celebration for the weekend after next. Not because I've suddenly come over all patriotic since arriving in Canada, but because I feel I owe our new friends and neighbours a party and it seemed as good an excuse as any. I'm intending to serve an afternoon tea with an English theme (of course) but I'm getting a bit stuck with finding suitably-named savoury items.

For sweet treats I seem to have quite a lot of things to choose from:
  • Bakewell Tart
  • Manchester Tart
  • Chelsea Buns
  • Bath Buns
  • Banbury Cakes or Eccles Cakes

Plus the obligatory English Cream Tea ingredients of scones with cream and jam.

But for savoury things with an English name I can only think of Cornish Pasties and the various English cheeses (oh, and Yorkshire Pudding, naturally - but I don't think that's a tea-time dish!). I know cucumber sandwiches are supposed to be traditional afternoon tea food, but I would be embarrassed to serve up a sandwich containing just cucumber! Are there any other obvious savoury foods with English names that I'm forgetting about? Or maybe it's time to start inventing a few?

Photo from Nick Corble on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are thinking and blogging about TEA together.

Zoƫ said...

Lancashire Hot Pot, Cumberland Pie , Cumberland or Lincolnshire Sausages, London Particular Soup(ham and pea), Shropshire Summer Soup, Scotch Broth,Anglesey eggs,Wensleydale Tarts, St George's Chicken Parcels.

I'll stop there! Food for though (pun intended)

Amanda said...

Ooh, thanks Zoë - I think mini Wensleydale tarts would be perfect. I think the Scots and Welsh might object to my including Scotch Broth and Anglesey eggs, though...

Linda said...

Yummy, afternoon tea for St. George's Day. This sounds wonderful and could become a yearly event for the county. I just might have to take a drive that day! Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are perfect tea time companions.

Amanda said...

You'd be very welcome Crafty - my email address is on my profile page if you want directions!!

LadyLuz said...

How about cheese straws and cheese scones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
it's me again.

I just wanted you to know that
Jeannie WON the
Tea Time Give Away.

Thanks so much for joining in the fun!