08 April 2008

A week is a long time...

...when it comes to weather conditions.

This was the view down the western boundary of our property on 29 March:

Front garden, 29 March 2008

And here's the view today:

Front garden, 8 April 2008

The lake in the background is still frozen, but our neighbour, David, reckons it won't be by the end of the week. Everything's still very soggy, as this picture shows. My vegetable beds are more like vegetable ponds at the moment. Watercress, anyone?

On my way up to the field today I saw my first butterfly of the year. Goodness knows what the poor thing is going to live on - not many flowers out yet. I've spent a fruitless half hour on the internet trying to find out what it's called, but with no luck. So if you recognise it (or are better at finding out butterfly names), please let me know!


Postscript: The butterfly is known as Mourning Cloak here, and Camberwell Beauty in the UK

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Esther Montgomery said...

I didn't even know there are such things as black butterflies!