11 May 2008

Progress on the plot at last

DrainageThere are two streams running either side of the barnyard. The one to the west runs straight downhill to the ditch at the roadside, but the one to the east petered out at around the vegetable plots. Hence their sogginess. So Mike got to work and created a proper ditch this morning, which has channelled that water away from the vegetable patch. By the time we got back from our outing this afternoon, the difference was noticeable and all the beds were a lot drier.

Tomatoes in the soilWe got to digging them over and managed to plant 16 tomatoes. In the morning I'd sown the broad beans and half a row each of Lincoln and Oregon Sugarpod peas. It seems strange to be putting the peas in at the same time as the tomatoes, but given the wetness of the soil there was no way they could have gone in any earlier.

Unidentified brassica seedlingYesterday I'd put two seed-trays full of cauliflowers and broccoli (calabrese) into the brassica bed. Well, all bar one plant that the dog decided to eat. He didn't eat any more, so I hope it tasted disgusting. He'd also stolen the labels from the trays, so I had no idea which was broccoli and which was cauliflower. I'm sure it'll be obvious in a few months' time...

Our tools are all kept in the small barn, which is missing a door and part of a window, so is an attractive home for nesting birds. I feel guilty every time I have to go in there, as the robin sitting on this nest usually flies off in fright. I hope they have better luck than the ones that nested on top of the garage light last year.


Amy said...

Very cool that diverting the stream resolved the sogginess so quickly. It looking great =)

Linda said...

Glad that you are planting now. Great photo of the robin nest.