03 June 2008

The beginnings of botany

 Cover of Anna Pavord's book 'The Naming of Names'Anna Pavord's The Naming of Names is a wonderful read for anyone with an interest in plants. I've just reviewed it over on LibraryThing, but wanted to mention it here as well. Its focus is the way in which plants have been categorised and described over the years (starting in the 4th century BC), but along the way it covers the exploration of the world and the discovery of new plants (from a European perspective, anyway): from tulips and fritillaries to sunflowers and tomatoes. There are dozens of portraits (of plants and people) decorating almost every other page, making the book a delight to look at as well as to read.


themanicgardener said...

I always like to hear about a good book. And now I'll have to check out this Library/thing.

Amy said...

This sounds just fascinating. I'll have to look it up! I love history, so history and plants would be a match made in heaven :)

Amanda said...

Now you're laid up with your bad knee Amy, you've definitely got time to get to grips with this book. If you were a bit closer I'd lend you my copy!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - I love poppies they are so gorgeously untidy.
Thanks for visiting my blog.