02 June 2008

Poppy explosion

Poppies in flowerThe poppies have turned out to be downright blowsy, especially with the morning sun shining through them. There's a tall shrub behind them with small pink flowers (yes, it clashes wonderfully with the orange poppies) that I haven't ever noticed before. I'm not sure what it is: it looks a bit like a honeysuckle from a distance, but close-up it looks quite different. Here's a picture of it (click on the image for a closer look) - please post a comment if you recognise it!Unidentified pink-flowered shrub


~~ Melissa said...

Hello Amanda, I think it's an azalea. I love the clashy pinks and oranges together. :-)

themanicgardener said...

I was waiting for this follow-up post! Lovely--