12 June 2008

Herbs for winter

 Chopped coriander/cilantro ready for freezing

The coriander/cilantro plants in the front garden beds were looking ready to run to seed this morning, so I trimmed them back and chopped up the trimmings to freeze for use when fresh herbs will be unavailable or expensive. I love carrot and coriander soup, but don't really want it when it's hot outside. In the winter these cubes of herbs will be handy for dishes like that.

Frozen coriander cubes

My daughter hates coriander, which I had put down to her usual faddy eating habits, but a great article by Sona Pai on the Culinate website called 'Why is cilantro so polarizing?' explains that there may be a genetic basis for this herb's love-it or hate-it reputation. She also mentions that it contains an active ingredient that battles salmonella, so maybe fast-food outlets in North America should be adding cilantro to their burgers instead of taking out the tomato.

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