09 June 2008

Leafing legumes and ailing aubergines

I'm not sure what this wildflower is. It has quite a distinctive flower and leaf (visible at the bottom of the picture), so I'm sure someone will recognise it!
Pea-like wildflower

[Postscript - it's American Vetch (Vicia americana).]

I found it as I was doing a tour of the vegetable garden this evening to assess progress. The Lincoln peas have finally started to appear:

Lincoln pea seedling and ladybird

and the broad (fava) beans have started to emerge, too:

Broad bean seedling

In an area very over-run with weeds, I even managed to track down my carrot and parsnip seedlings:

Carrot and parsnip seedlings

The recent spell of very warm weather has really started to move things on. The only plants that are looking very sorry for themselves are the Ping Tung aubergines/eggplants, which the word 'pathetic' doesn't really begin to describe. It's just as well that this picture is out of focus, I think.

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Daphne Gould said...

The poor little eggplant. At least all your others are looking wonderful.