30 October 2008

Chinese Hallowe'en treats (again)

It turned out that Child #1 got the wrong end of the (broom)stick last week and that the Chinese treats should have been made for Hallowe'en itself, not for last Friday's school Hallowe'en party. So could I please make something Chinese for this Friday too, please. One for each member of the class (30 children and two teachers), please.

Several deep breaths, countings to ten and further internet research later, I came up with another recipe: this time for Chinese sesame cookies. I harbour doubts about the authenticity of this recipe and as the school is 'nut free' I had to leave out the almond extract, thereby rendering it even less authentic. I also had to do some additional research to check that sesame seeds don't count as nuts. Apparently people can be allergic to them, but they're not in the same class of foods. Though whether the school will know that, is another matter. I suspect I'll be receiving another parental black mark tomorrow.

So all-in-all I think I can be forgiven for feeling a little jaundiced about All Hallows Eve this year. But just to show willing I did carve one of my home-grown pumpkins this afternoon (my sole concession to Hallowe'en decorating). As (unlike others) my blog is woefully short on adorable little kitties, I thought I'd better make amends.


VP said...

Brilliant pumpkin Amanda! How did the biscuits go down?

Amanda said...

Thanks VP! The cookies passed the nut free test and were enjoyed by all, it seems. Phew!

Barbarapc said...

I think almost anything passes for Chinese pastries after visiting T&T Groceries (http://www.tnt-supermarket.com/en/index.php), I came home with a spiral chocolate gooey challah bread - I think you deserve an A+ for pulling that rabbit out of your hat. Great pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Great pumpkin Amanda
Did you make it?
PS Glad to see over at VP's you like the necklace.

Amanda said...

Hi Karen - the necklace is lovely - still very chuffed about winning it!

I carved the pumpkin, but can't claim any credit for the design, which came from History.com. And you'll notice it's in the 'Beginners' section - I decided that the 'Advanced' ones were just a bit too tough!