10 October 2008

Mystery object revealed

We moved our woodburning stove as part of the kitchen renovations. Here is how it looked on the first day we saw the house (April 07):

The cupboard to the right of the stove has been removed and the stove is now in its place. It seems that nothing about the original location of the stove was 'to code'. It didn't have enough non-combustible material in front of it, it was too close to the ceiling and the door and (worst of all) the chimney was for an oil furnace, not a wood stove. All those things are now fixed and the stove has a shiny new chimney, which now goes straight up instead of in the dog-leg that was required by its previous position.

The photo I shared on Wednesday was a view of the sky as seen through the new flue, before the stove and the lower part of the chimney were attached. I figured it would be my only chance to take that picture! I think 'the ms. s' was the closest, in that she guessed that I was looking up when I took it.

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