09 October 2008

Hutterite Soup Beans

We had a slight frost on Tuesday morning which was enough to put paid to the squashes, beans and potatoes, so I pulled up the Hutterite Soup Bean plants and we spent half an hour this morning picking off the beans and shelling them.

Earlier in the week I made I made a vegetable soup with some of these beans, together with some carrots, potatoes, tomato pulp, kale and my first leek. They were very good and I'll definitely grow them again next year, although I will put in more plants as I don't have a huge number of beans from just the one row. I hadn't really thought about it, but you do need more plants for dried beans than you do with the beans you pick and use as pods, simply because the plants stop producing new beans if you're not picking them. I'll also give them something to climb up, as they ended up in quite a tangle on the ground, even though they were supposed to be bush beans. They'll be easier to pick that way, too.

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Anonymous said...

As you say you do need a lot more plants if harvesting beans rather than pods which is why I've not grown that kind before. Now I'm wondering about giving them a try as I do find fresh beans very tasty, though I'd probably freeze them instead of drying.