20 November 2008

Electric blankets

The first snow of the winter fell overnight - just a centimetre or two. By 9.30am the solar panels were almost clear of it.

In front of the barn the young shoots of the garlic that I planted in mid-October are still visible. There's a blanket of hay underneath the blanket of snow, so they're pretty well insulated under there. I always used to plant garlic in the autumn in England, but have read conflicting advice here about whether it's best to do it in autumn or spring, so this is a bit of an experiment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to your beautiful first snowfall, Amanda. I'll be following your garlic experiment with interest. :)

themanicgardener said...

I keep reading about fall garlic planting, but since I didn't get to it, I'm happy to hear there may be an alternative!

Those are stunning solar panels.

Amanda said...

Hi Kate - I planted the garlic in the spring last year and got some good heads from them, despite the fact that I neglected the plot they were in and they got over-run with weeds. So it can definitely work!