07 November 2008

Marketing and the male mind

My crop of Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkins is all safely tucked away in the basement now, but I have run into an unanticipated problem with actually using them. Child #2 (aged 9) has decided that he hates pumpkin. He won't touch pumpkin soup and refused to even try the pumpkin pie I made for Thanksgiving (which, with the right kind of pumpkin, was a vast improvement on last year's, by the way). So I have started researching other ways of using them up.

Yesterday's attempt was pumpkin bread. But such is his aversion, that I cunningly informed the children that the dish was known as 'Autumn Loaf'. We all tucked into the bread and everyone agreed that it tasted fine. Child #2 happened to be sitting next to the recipe print-out and I (stupidly) pointed it out to him before offering another slice of the loaf.

"No, I don't like pumpkin."
"But you liked the first slice."
"I'm not eating it - it's got pumpkin in it."

And that was it, he utterly refused to eat it any more, despite our remonstrances.

I wanted to give both the children a slice of the bread for their packed lunches this morning. The conversation with Child #2 went like this.

"You liked that Autumn Loaf I made yesterday didn't you?"
"Would you like a slice of it in your packed lunch?"
"Yes, please. It isn't pumpkin bread?"
"No, just full of crushed up autumn leaves. Is that OK?"
"Yes, that's fine."

And I got a big hug in return for my blatant lie.

D'you think he's going to have big therapy bills in the future?


VP said...

Oh the multi-skills a mother has to have! You're very good at child psychology aren't you?

This made me laugh - a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Crushed autumn leaves - I like that - so much tastier than pumpkin obviously.
I hope you post lots of recipes I've got lots of pumpkin. I only made a sweet pumpkin pie once and found it rather dull. Perhaps I should try it again.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the things we do to appease our kids. :) My younger daughter would never eat anything brown when she was little -- baked beans, wieners, bologna (chocolate not withstanding) -- and still won't. :) She's 25!

themanicgardener said...

Big therapy bills? Huge. But oh well.

This reminds me of saying things like, "and one for Jimmy, and one for Alice, but none for Pete, of course, and--why? Because you don't like it. Oh, you do? Well, if you're sure."

Oh dear, oh dear.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I don't like pumpkin either but I would be up for your Autumn Bread -crushed leaves sounds just fine to me.