23 November 2008

Ice wrappings

Very cold and clear this morning. One good thing about the shorter days is that you get to see the dawn more often than you do in the summer.

Usually, Mike takes the dog for his early-morning walk, but I volunteered to do it today, as I thought there might be some good photographic opportunities. The stream running down from the pond had frozen over:

There were small crystals of ice everywhere.

You had to be dressed for the -11°C temperatures though. Here's my Self-portrait with balaclava.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm - puts our 27 snowflakes which fell today rather in the shade - though I did have a frozen bird bath!

Barbarapc said...

A balaclava when it's -11! Still a newby to Canada - I bet after another 5 years you won't be wearing a hat until it's -40. Beautiful photos - really liked the one with the moon.

Amanda said...

Well, in my defence Barbara, I did have soaking wet hair underneath the balaclava (and I could hear my grandmother nagging me about the dangers of going out in the cold like that!).

Amy said...

I had to laugh at Barbara's comment :)

I feel cold just looking at your photos. Great pictures!