01 March 2009

Daffodils from Canada for St. David

Impressed, huh? Yes, beautiful daffodils flowering in this Canadian garden just in time for St. David's Day. Not something you see in Ontario very often.

Well, OK. I cheated. That's how my daffodils looked last year on April the 19th. So a little way to go before I'll see them flowering again. On the plus side, a thaw at the end of last week has melted enough snow for me to begin to see some signs of life. Here are the daffodils as they look today:

And I do believe those are small buds of growth on one of the rhubarb plants:
Even the spinach that was sown in September looks as though it might not be completely past it:
It's so lovely to be able to see the soil and the beginnings of new growth again. Even more so this year, as many of the plants are ones that I've set there. Last spring was our first in this house and I was waiting to see what would come up. This year I know what's in the garden and have put a lot of it there myself, so it feels different. Perhaps a little like the difference between a music teacher watching an unknown musician perform and watching one of their own pupils do so.


Linda said...

My rhubarb plants is still under ice, so I have no idea if it is starting to grow. We do have daffodils poking through in a sheltered garden at school, but not in my garden yet.

Linda said...

Glad to see things are stirring. Will be interested to see how spring unfolds chez vous.

I laughed at your music teacher analogy. I'm taxi-ing my daughter and her harp to classes at the Edinburgh Competition Music Festival today. In the first class this morning I was sitting in the audience behind a teacher of one of the other groups. Her body language was quite different when it was her students playing!

Anonymous said...

Take heart, you're not that far behind us, Amanda! My daffs are full size, with flower buds - but they've not opened yet.

mountainear said...

We can just about see the rhubarb poking out of the soil. My daffodils are like yours.

It takes a deal of imagination but spring IS stirring. Buds are bigger and the landscape looks just a little bit fuller. The trees in the dingle look less brown and more purply. (Or is this just whistling in the dark?) Birds are singing too - last night at dusk and earlier and earlier in the morning. MY favourite season i think.

Anonymous said...

So lovely to see the signs of spring arriving in your garden.

Pondside said...

We should be cutting daffodils from our garden now, but we've had a hard winter on the coast this year, and the daffs are just shoots of green in the cold beds.
It looks as though you have a way to go too.