26 March 2009

Spring at Wisley

It has been a bit quiet around this blog because I've been on a longish trip away: first Amsterdam, then London, then Manchester, then Buckinghamshire, then Edinburgh and finally to Kent. All in eleven days, so it has been a hectic rush on occasions.

Last Wednesday was one of the more peaceful days in the mix, when my aunt took me out to the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens at Wisley in Surrey. I'd never been before, so this was a real treat. The daffodils, magnolias, hellebores and camellias were looking lovely in the warmish spring sunshine.

The dogwoods (Cornus sanguinea) were looking striking, too. I thought this one, 'Midwinter Fire', was particularly impressive.

The bursts of colour in the Alpine houses were beautiful.

Next door, in the rock house, the resident cat, Sunny, was having a luxurious bask in the sunshine, while pretending to be a plant.

I've been wanting to visit Wisley for ages, so am really grateful to have had this chance, and on such a beautiful day, too.


Maggie Christie said...

Gosh what a hectic trip! Such gorgeous photographs. I haven't been to Wisley (yet!) so it was lovely to be able to share your visit through the lovely pictures.

Linda said...

Lovely photos. You must rack up lots of frequent flyer miles.

Anonymous said...

How lovely that in your hectic schedule you managed to fit in a visit to Wisley.

We went not so long ago to a Grow Your Own event there but I would really like to go back, mid-week on my own for a proper wander (and a coffee in one of the many cafes!).

Lovely photos, you really captured spring there!

Barbarapc said...

It is all so lovely. It's going to be hard to come back to the land of the beige. I'd print up as many of those lovely photos as I can and wallpaper my office until it was safe to open the curtains. (Isn't that cat the best?)

Linda said...

You were in Edinburgh??? Next time do get in touch for a coffee!

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