25 May 2009

Girls' day out (or perhaps not)

The chicks are getting big enough to spend some time outside when it's warm, so Mike and my dad got building an enclosure for them yesterday:

In the afternoon the chicks had their first outside excursion.

It was great to watch them explore and to get a close look at them in daylight. Although the closer look did raise a question in my mind. Most of the chicks look like this one, with big fluffy tails and pale combs:

But the boldest chick looks a bit different. It has a darker comb (not very obvious from this angle) and the tail is a lot smaller. I'm beginning to suspect that this one is not a girl chick at all.


Heather said...

They sure look happy to be out! I am getting more excited about mine every time yours are featured on your blog! Next week (Wed) they will be here and I am almost ready!

easygardener said...

Ooops...better get out that sexing chickens book!
They do look pleased to be out in thye open.