16 May 2009


I spent much of today ensconced in Deseronto Public Library, attempting to sell some of my young vegetable plants to people. The day started well, with local vegetable expert Vicki Emlaw (who runs a company called Vicki's Veggies) being interviewed on CBC as we were driving over. She was explaining about how wonderful heirloom varieties of vegetables were (audio file on CBC's site). And guess what I was selling?

I sold nearly all of the tomato plants (Purple Russian, Riesentraube and Amish Paste)and most of the peppers (Cayenne and Tomato). The three 'edible baskets' of Red Robin tomatoes and mixed salad leaves all went, too. The cosmos plants were popular, but the red cabbages (I sowed far too many this year!) were a complete failure: not a single one sold.

It was pleasing to have sold the plants, but the really fun part of the day was getting to talk to people who have never grown vegetables before and persuading them to give it a go. Quite a few initially-dubious window-shoppers went away clutching a tomato plant or two.


Joy Palmer said...

I'd be one of those people clutching a tomato plant or two. Sounds like a lovely day!

Linda said...

Hi Amanda, sorry didn't make it to the sale today. We were going to take our grandson our for a drive and visit, but it was pouring when we arrived at his house and even a bit of thunder, so we opted to just visit instead. Good to hear you sold lots of plants.

Heather said...

What a great idea to sell the surplus. I went to the local HS plant sale today only to get there and the kids hadn't even begun to bring the plants out of the greenhouse yet. We stayed over an hour helping them and found that they didn't have anything we were looking for. Maybe next year! congrats on a great sale!

Linda said...

I still predict an alternative/side shoot ;-) career taking shape.
Why the red cabbage avoidance - is it not sold much in shops where you are?