18 May 2009

Greenhouse greens

It's been a while since I mentioned the raised beds in the greenhouse: a whole four weeks, in fact. Things have been coming along nicely since that last photo. Here is the first bed, full of salad greens:

The second bed has lots of peppers and some aubergines and cucumbers in it. I was also using it as a nursery bed for cauliflower, broccoli and romanesca.

They were all a nice size so today I've transplanted them into their permanent positions outside (Mike had tilled the lower vegetable garden beds for me, so the new soil we've added to those is now well incorporated. I hope this means we won't get last year's waterlogging problems). They're now looking a bit limp and sad, but should perk up again soon.

In the third bed are more peppers and a variety of tomato plants. These are growing on well.

I'll be putting my other tomatoes out into their final positions in the garden later this week. Mike also dug out two new beds in the upper vegetable garden today, so a lot of the tomatoes will end up in those, I think. Then even if the lower vegetable garden does get waterlogged again, at least the tomatoes won't end up like last year's sorry specimens.


Heather said...

It looks very nice! I love that you are eating salad already. I can't wait to harvest something from my garden.

Blue Fox said...

You go, Girl! You're so lucky to have a nice flat area for your garden, and it looks like good soil too. Loved your post on the moles, and good luck with your chicks - I like Buffs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, just found you yesterday and I absolutely love the story of your emmigration journey. It is especially resonant for me as I moved out to the states ten years ago today. Thank you for faving me over at Blotanical too. I tried to comment there but my virus protection wouldn't let me for some reason. Anyway, I will keep reading about your lovely life. :) Mo.