14 June 2009

Rain please

The seasonal pond behind the house is drying up fast. It is packed with gasping tadpoles. Last year I took bucket loads of tadpoles up to the other pond when this happened, but I'm not going to this year. If these frogs are stupid enough to reproduce in this pond, then I really feel that natural selection should take its course.

There are some impressive cumulonimbus clouds around tonight, though, so with any luck they will produce some rain to add to the utterly measly 5.2mm (0.2 inches) of rain that we've had in June so far.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Amanda ... I missed taking pictures of those clouds yesterday ... darn it ! ... we are having rain today .. so you must be too ? LOL
I would love to hear those frogs .. have frogs in my garden .. but no water feature and the aversion to WORK with it scares me off ? LOL
Loved that cloud picture girl !

Amanda said...

Yes!!! Whichever god it is that reads blogs sorted out another 5mm of rain for us early this morning, so the tadpoles have a stay of execution, thank goodness. Would still like a little bit more rain though, if that could be arranged. Pretty please.

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda:

Looks like we got that rain and then some!

Great blog...love the pictures of the chicks and of course your green house. Will have to come by and have a look in person...

Simon wants to come play with Max RIGHT NOW...he really loved your son. Hope to connect in the future!