02 June 2009

Shake a tail feather

It's been too cold to let the chicks out for a couple of days, but today was warm enough and they got a run in their pen. Their heads still look a bit scruffy, but the rest of their bodies are feathering up beautifully:

I hadn't realised how delicate their feathers would be. Here's a close up for the other feather-fanciers out there:

Below is the chick that my dad's wife has dubbed 'Cocky' because of our suspicions about its gender. Are we right, or is this just a fast developer compared to the rest?

Mike picked up some plywood this afternoon so we're ready for the next big job, which is to convert one of the stalls in the small barn into a chicken home for these creatures.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Amanda .. this weather has been something else eh ? we will get some "summer" just before Autumn hits maybe ?
It is amazing how detailed and delicate looking the chicken feathers are .. I think we assume they are such hardy little creatures don't we ?
I think you might be right about "cocky" ? LOL

Anonymous said...

What cuties. Can't wait to get ours in the fall!

easygardener said...

They look very sweet - but the odd one out is looking decidedly shifty!