27 June 2009

"Soil is death"

Heard a brief but inspirational interview on CBC Radio's Definitely Not the Opera this afternoon. The whole programme was about waiting and it ended with a woman called Catherine Richard (not sure of the spelling), who is terminally ill with ovarian cancer: waiting to die. She has completely reassessed how she wants to spend her remaining time and when the weather is good, she chooses to spend her time gardening. In her words:
Well, when you think about it, soil is death. It is decomposed life and out of that decomposed life comes food and beauty and all the things that we rely on for living. So you can't be a gardener and be afraid to die because you know that everything just gets recycled through the soil.
The whole podcast is available for download and this segment starts at around 53 minutes into the programme.


Helen said...

What a deep-breath-inducing thought.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, you have an award to collect so pop over when you can and get it. :)