08 September 2009

Before the Fall

Nothing says 'Fall' to me as much as the sight of squashes and pumpkins. Of course I'm still thinking of the season itself as 'Autumn', but the way that these fruit are used here as decorations is sufficiently different to the way things are done in the UK to make the North American word the one that comes to mind when I admire my gourd, squash and pumpkin harvest.

I've just gone to the Oxford English Dictionary, to find that the word Fall was used in Britain, in the past, to describe the season. It originally appeared as a phrase: 'Fall of the leaf'. Which is rather lovely, don't you think?


June said...

I am dreading the "fall of the leaf," but this loveliness makes me think not of the cold to come but of the golden days that are almost upon us.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Amanda I had no idea of that history to the word Fall (Canadians use it a lot ! haha)
I am a lover of this season .. I start looking forward to it after a few hot weeks in the summer ;-)
The colours and atmosphere is heavenly to me .. and look at all those lovely goodies you have !
Joy : )

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

What a lovely expression.

Your harvest inspires me to want to make soup :)