06 May 2011

Difficult subjects

I noticed a cocoon of spider eggs in the corner of one of the greenhouse raised beds the other day. This morning the spiders had hatched and were building out from their original web.

As they are so tiny and the web has some depth to it, it's quite hard to take a photo of them that's in focus!


Esther Montgomery said...

I took masses of photos of a similar scene on our compost bin a few days ago - and not one pictures came out worth looking at. It's a wonderful thing to come across though.


tina b said...

Great job on the photo! I just discovered this on our screen door. Ack! What kind of spiders are these? I just have to keep the door closed now, so they don't come into the house :/ . I also tried to take a picture, but had a really hard time getting it in focus, especially with the screen they were on being sort of "in the way". So, you really did do a great job!!