30 May 2011

Tree news

We obtained a dozen very small white pine seedlings from Quinte Conservation in early May at the sidewalk sale in Deseronto. Mike and I planted them on the 8th of the month in an area of young ash and cedar trees on the east side of the hayfield. The soil was very wet at the time and we've left them alone since, although I have been vaguely worrying about whether they'd drowned in all the rain we've been having. Today I checked on them and was pleased to see that most of them are still alive and the majority are showing signs of new growth:

We've planted a few trees since we've been here, and have had varying degrees of success. We've lost about five of the 20 orchard trees we planted in 2008 and two out of the three sugar maples which we put in last year. I hope these will have better luck!

1 comment:

Diana Studer said...

That little tree looks as if it has every intention of growing big and strong!