15 May 2011


It warmed up a bit last week and there was sunshine. I didn't always need a coat on when I went outside and I started planting out onions, corn and my brassica plants.

This weekend has been mainly wet.

The lower vegetable garden still has its winter pond in the centre. We've done a good job of lifting the beds out of the water, but they're still too cold and wet to sow anything in. The big bed on the right is supposed to be for potatoes. Luckily, it's been cold in Alberta, too, so the seed potatoes weren't shipped as early as they usually would be. They haven't got here yet, although Canada Post informs me that they have now reached Ontario, so they should be here this week.

On the far left are the brassica plants I put in on Thursday evening. The soil was really too wet, but they were getting too big in their greenhouse nursery bed, so I took a chance and put them in the ground. I should have left them where they were.

Even the dandelions have closed their flowers in purse-lipped disgust:

About the only living things that look to be appreciating all the rain are the toadstools it's brought forth:

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