14 January 2012

Proper winter

Now, that's more like it. Lots of wind and steady snow all through yesterday have left us with a much more normal January landscape.

The blown snow makes interesting drifts and coats objects in unpredictable ways. The grass at the back of this next photo stands clear, while the bent blades in front of them have been caked with snow. To my eyes, there's something arachnid about them.



Anonymous said...

Snow spiders for sure. The spiders I have here are the opening buds of the witch hazel tree. They are like small yellow spiders covering the tree.
We are in Zone 7/8 here on Vanc. Island, but I know all about winter, having lived in five of our provinces. I do miss the hoar frost and the ice covered trees - viewed from my warm home, thank you very much.
We had a dusting of wet snow last evening. You would chuckle, as a snow warning is issued when 1 cm of snow is predicted. Must admit we are not really equipped for snow here on our roads.
We live in site of Mt. Washington - the ski hill where we often break records for the most snow on a ski hill in the WORLD! We got mainly rain down here in the valley.
Enjoy the spiders, as you know tomorrow they may be rained on!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see this more normal winter weather. We are having an exceptionally mild winter here with temps much warmer than I would like.

Linda said...

Picture Perfect!!!