15 August 2012

Seasonal confusion

This morning was very autumnal - lots of heavy dew and spiders' webs losing their effectiveness everywhere.

But in amongst all the signs of the end of summer were some completely contradictory ones. Some of the trees which suffered so much in the dry spell are now putting forth leaves of a decidedly Spring green. Here's a mature European buckthorn with new leaves alongside this year's fruit:

And these are very young ash trees, showing new leaves next to the ones damaged in July:

This renewed growth is very similar to what's happening with my cabbage plants. This is the first year I've seen it happen.


Linda said...

It felt 'fallish' this morning here in the DFW area of Texas! My neighbor came over and said, "It feels like I should be taking some one to school!" I agreed!! We both have empty nests but the feel and look of the morning....and the difference in the light .....just said 'FALL' to us!

Lovely post and I always enjoy my visits to your blog!

Amanda said...

Hi Linda - yes, that was what I was thinking, too - there was a definite back-to-school feeling in the air!