16 June 2008

Whitetail, Dasher and Skimmer

No, not some of Santa's reindeer, but the dragonflies gracing our pond today. Couldn't resist posting yet more dragonfly pictures (sorry).

Common Whitetail (this is the one I was trying to snap on Friday):
Common Whitetail dragonfly

Blue Dasher:
Blue Dasher dragonfly

Twelve-spotted Skimmer. This one chose the same spot to pose for the camera as the yet-to-be-identified black dragonfly I photographed on Friday.
Twelve-spotted Skimmer dragonfly

These were identified with the aid of the Guides-on-Demand Common Toronto Arthropods site.


Saudi Romantic said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda I have tagged you on my blog. Perhaps you like to tag some people. Enjoy.)
I like your "wild" posts.