29 November 2008

Greenhouse complete

We've been able to make sporadic progress on the greenhouse during November and today the final gaps in the structure, the sliding doors at one end, were finished. Not bad, considering it's nearly December. Here's a view through those doors of the inside, with Child #2 at the other end for scale. He's six foot three.*

The fears I expressed back in July have proved to be groundless - we have managed to get the structure up without the involvement of divorce lawyers (although my breezy estimate of 'a month or two' looks a little optimistic with hindsight). In fact the whole process has filled me with admiration for my husband's determination to see the project through. If it had been down to me alone I would have given up long ago, but Mike's refusal to be beaten (some might say his bloody-mindedness (I wouldn't say that - obviously)) has brought about this fine result. He calls it a 'giant Meccano set', but I don't remember Meccano involving working at heights with heavy drills in icy winds.

My role in the construction has mostly been of the magician's assistant variety. Without the glamorous hair-do and over-the-top make-up. Or the sequinned outfits, for that matter. Now I've just got to decide how we're going to make the best use of this space. To put it into context, I should explain that this is only the second greenhouse I've ever owned. Here's the first:

So basically I'm a complete and utter novice with a huge space to make use of. At the moment I'm contemplating putting a series of raised beds down one side of the house, with staging on the other. I'm not planning to heat the greenhouse (for the time being, anyway), so will mainly be using it to extend the growing season and as a place to start off seeds like onions and peas that don't mind the cold but don't like the wet. But, like I say, I'm a novice, so if anyone has any sage words for me, I'll be glad to hear them.

*This is not strictly true.


Anonymous said...

I need a job and it looks like you'll need a few employees! Really, this is outstanding. Great work. I wish you many happy plant days.

Zoë said...

That's one HUGE Greenhouse! Well done on getting it up though, we built something a 10 that size from Access, and it took days and a lot of very blue air!

Happy growing!


Sheila said...

Wow! Congratulations and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Even with the distorted (lol) sense of scale that is a massive greenhouse. I can see that your previous experience was not on quite the same level. I am envious and look forward to lots of pictures next year!

Amy said...

I laughed out loud at the size comparison to your "old" greenhouse. Wow! What a lot of fun it will be to have all that space to grow in!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

It's phenomenal.

But the height puzzles me.

Will you be growing coconut trees?


VP said...

Yippee! You must be pleased to have one of your must haves crossed off your list at last!