11 May 2009

Chicks (and other stuff)

The chicks I'd ordered for the end of the month arrived a little early. Mike had a call on Friday to say that there were a dozen Buff Orpington females left over from the May 1 hatching and would we like them? We said 'yes' and Mike swung into action, buying chick feed, a heat lamp and a feeder and water-holder for them.

I was travelling back from England on Sunday, so Mike arranged with Jason Cain (the man who runs Performance Poultry), to pick them up today. It wasn't very far to go - the farm is only 7km (4.4 miles) away. So, here are our twelve blonde chicks:

They spend their time eating, drinking, sleeping and preening (and cheeping). Their down is gorgeously soft:

Other things have been moving pretty quickly, too. Here were some of the heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers and an edible hanging basket (the contents are edible, not the container) on 28 April in the greenhouse:

And, less than two weeks later, this is how they're all looking now:

I'm hoping to sell these plants in Deseronto this weekend at the town's Sidewalk Sale event, so if you're in the area, pop by and say hello!

The tyre/tire garden asparagus, which was planted last year, had also really taken off in the last week. So much so, that despite dire warnings from my inner head gardener (does anyone else have one of those?), who sternly told me that I shouldn't cut any until next year, I harvested a few spears tonight and we had them for tea. Delicious.


Linda said...

Where is your spot in the Deseronto yard sale? I just might have to stop by.

Amanda said...

That would be great Linda! I hope to be somewhere near the library on Main Street - will know for certain later this week and will let you know :-)

Heather said...

I love your chicks! I have 30 layers on order and they should ship June 1st. The chicks I have now are a special meat bird called a cornish cross. I can't wait to get the ones I can name. Your blog is great! I think all that you are doing to be self-sustainable is fantastic!

Liisa said...

You chicks are adorable! I am trying to persuade my husband into thinking that we need some chickens! No luck as of yet. I was able to harvest some asparagus for the first time this spring, and it is absolutely delicious! Happy gardening!!

easygardener said...

The chicks look cute.The name Buff Orpington always makes me think of P G Woodhouse for some reason :-)
I would have found the Asparagus hard to resist too.