11 July 2009


The male chicks attracted names early on, as they are both easily spotted and their combs are sufficiently different to make distinguishing between them easy. This might be a terrible mistake, as one of them is probably going to end up as a meal. The females are all very alike still, so names for them are slower in coming. There is one whose face is currently darker red than the rest, so she is Rosie for the time being, but I'm fairly sure that the others will soon come to look like her, so that name is unlikely to stick (unless we call them all Rosie, of course).

The chick pictured has a distinctive Mohican/Mohawk feather arrangement on her back, which has been like that for a couple of weeks now. So I think of her as Degonwadonti*, which is the Mohawk name for Molly Brant, who was quite a remarkable woman. She died in Kingston in 1796, just up the coast of Lake Ontario from us.

*I've also seen Koñwatsi-tsiaiéñni as her Mohawk name - but Degonwadonti looks slightly easier to pronounce!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

It does look like it is going to be permanent... the mohican thing at the back. Have you tried combing it a little bit... fluff and comb!

I remember rearing chicken many years ago when I stayed in Ipoh, Perak. Yes, after a while when they built up their own characteristic, they really are distinct and stay as individuals rather than just nameless chicken....

Nice chicken you have.

~ bangchik

Heather said...

I love the mohawk she has. My buff orphingtons all got dark blue eyeshadow a few weeks ago. They all have it so that doesn't make it any easier to pick them out. A mowhawk on one would help.