05 July 2009

Musical interlude

Tents, a portable convenience*, wellies and light sabres. Must be summer music festival season! This particular event, Lakestock, is in its third year and is organised by a family who live just a kilometre away from us. A home-grown music festival that we can walk to and that isn't too crowded. My idea of a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. There was a good mixture of original pieces and more familiar songs in a range of different styles (from opera through Show Boat to songs by Blondie, R.E.M. and The Killers). There was also great food and it was another chance to meet up with many of our neighbours.

One set of neighbours that we hadn't met before were a couple who had bought the separate piece of farmland that had been owned by the previous owner of our house. The land is further down our road. They are building an off-grid rammed-earth tyre/tire house there, which makes our green initiatives seem rather tame in comparison!

The journey home was a pleasant evening stroll along the lake. Perfect.

*I couldn't remember if this was provided by 'Bob's Johns' or 'Bill's Johns'. A quick search revealed that companies with both names are in existence. I had an infantile chuckle at the motto of the former (based in Durango, Colorado): "We boldly go where you've gone before".

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Northern Beauty Seeker said...

A perfect summer day :)

I've seen some of those 'conveniences' around named "Johnny on the Spot". Love it!