31 August 2009

Harvesting peas, peppers and sunshine

I've had mixed success with my first try at sowing an autumn crop of peas. I sowed them indoors in July in the cool of the house.* They went out into the garden in early August, in a bed that is fairly shady in the morning. The sugar snap peas have romped away and I'm now picking them again:

Next to them, the Lincoln peas are not looking so good. I think members of the local rabbit population have been tucking into these:

The Corno di Toro Rosso peppers have started to live up to their name, at long last. The cayenne and tomato peppers have been red for a while now but, even with the benefit of the greenhouse, this variety have been slow to ripen.

The solar panels have been in operation for ten months now and yesterday the meter rolled over** to read 1,000. This means that the panels have harvested 10 megawatt hours of electricity from the sun since October last year. Highly satisfactory!

*At this point anyone who lives in Eastern Canada will be thinking that this was an unnecessary precaution this year, as July was cooler than usual.

**Well OK, it's digital, so it didn't actually roll.

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Daphne Gould said...

I miss having peas this fall. Last year I grew a fall crop of snow peas, but I decided to use the space for carrots instead and they never came up.