17 August 2009


Summer has finally arrived in the last week, with temperatures getting above the 30°C/86°F mark for the first time this year and relative humidity levels of 70% or so. Needless to say, the cooling provided by the geothermal system that was installed this time last year has been very welcome!

Yesterday morning was ethereally misty when we woke up, allowing me to snatch a nice photograph of the sun as it came up through the trees and (looking in the opposite direction) a picture of the cannas that have grown from the rhizomes my step-mother and father bought us back in May.

Apparently the cannas in their own garden have not produced flowers yet, so I'm just putting this picture up to annoy them, really. ;-)

The heat and sunshine is helping to ripen the peppers and tomatoes. Here is tonight's harvest of sweetcorn, tomato peppers, various tomatoes and a couple of shallots. I turned most of this lot into a paella. I really like the size and shape of the tomato peppers. They're sweet, rather than hot, peppers and they're ripening thick and fast at the moment. Soon I'll be complaining about them, I expect!

Here's how the paella turned out. Hm, the last meal I featured on the blog was a risotto, now more rice. We do eat other starchy foods too, occasionally!


Heather said...

Amanda- that all looks great! I am awaiting my dinner bell with fresh stuffed zucchini and bell peppers from the garden, beef from our pastures and rice from China, I think. lol. I so love having what you can grow yourself.

Daphne Gould said...

That is a really pretty harvest. It makes me want to try sweet peppers again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Wow ! Amanda I loved that foggy sun rise picture .. we had so smoggy fog ? this morning here in Kingston .. hope a picture or two turns out from that morning adventure ;-)
You have a wonderful bounty of veggies from all that hard work : )

Amanda said...

Joy - your sky photographs immediately came to mind when I put that one up!