01 August 2009

August dew

In response to Esther's comment, I should explain that the lower picture is of a small mushroom known as a Japanese parasol (Latin name either Coprinus plicatilis or Parasola plicatilis, depending on which fungus expert you talk to*).

*If you talk to any at all, that is.


Lucy Corrander said...

I'm being very thick about the second photo. It looks lovely - but what is it?

Esther's Boring Garden Blog

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Amanda said...

Hi Esther & thanks Mo!

I did wonder if I should have annotated that photo, but I was on my way to work and didn't have time to do the job properly and work out what sort of fungus it was!

I've now tried a bit harder, but fungus websites seem hard to navigate (just have a look at this one!). Have tracked it down though (just for you!) and it seems to be known as a Japanese Parasol (Parasola plicatilis or Coprinus plicatilis, depending on who you believe as to the name!).

Autumn Belle said...

You have a creative title for this interesting post. This white fungus has a unique shape and looks like a flying saucer docked at your garden lawn.

Lucy Corrander said...

How wonderful that the first entry on the link you give is for 'Cellular Slim Mould - In Progress'. It's made my day.

Thanks for the i.d. too. It's a very pretty . . . oh, it's not a plant . . . is it a mushroom? is it a fungus? is it a . . .