06 August 2009

Constant vigilance!

I could really use someone like Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter to help me keep an eye on the pickling cucumbers I'm growing. They're supposed to be picked small and pickled as gherkins (the variety is called Parisian Pickling). Although I check them EVERY SINGLE DAY, there always seem to be one or two that escape detection.

The picture shows the harvest over the last two days, arranged by size. On the left are those I managed to collect at approximately the right moment. As you move to the right, you see those that successfully hid from me until they were a bit too big. The yellow monster on the end managed to grow to full ripeness before I noticed it.


VP said...

I thought of Mad-eye as soon as I saw your post's title :)

Cucurbits are devils aren't they?

Daphne said...

Oh what a pretty harvest - well except that last one. I hope to get such riches soon so I can make pickles. Green riches not golden ones.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me this summer too. Cucumber plants manage to hide their offspring well don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Green on green is difficult to see.

June said...

All of my cucumbers currently look like cornichon. I have been talking to the plants, but to no avail.

Yours are just lovely, in all sizes. And I had a yellow cuke from India once that I still remember fondly. Yellow can work well.